SecurID Hardware Token

Hardware token adds an extra layer of security when you sign in to your company accounts. It is safer than using only a password. Your token provides two-factor authentication, where you enter a PIN (something you know) plus a tokencode (something you have). The tokencode changes at regular intervals.

Activate or Register Your Hardware Token

Authenticate with Your Hardware Token

Unregister Your Hardware Token


Activate or Register Your Hardware Token

When you receive your token, the first thing you need to do is activate or register it.

  1. Open the email from your administrator containing the URL for RSA My Page.

  2. Sign into My Page.

  3. If your token appears on My Page as already registered, click Activate next to it. If your token is not listed, select SecurID hardware token from the drop-down list, and click Register.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. You might be asked to enter the serial number from the back of your token, as shown.

    The dynamic tokencode displays on the front of the token.

Authenticate with Your Hardware Token

After your token becomes active, you can use it to authenticate and access a company resource.

  1. Go to the URL for the application you want to access.

  2. When prompted, you may be asked to enter your password, then the PIN (if required) and tokencode that appears on the front of your token.

Unregister Your Hardware Token

If your hardware token expires or becomes lost, you must unregister (delete) it from My Page before you register a new one. To unregister the token, sign into My Page and click the trash icon next to it.


My Page displays important information about your token. Use My Page in the following situations.

I forgot my PIN, or another person has learned my PIN.

You need to define a new PIN. Click Reset My PIN.

I can't authenticate. My token doesn't seem to work.

  1. On My Page, check if your token is disabled, locked, or expired. If any of these are the case, contact your administrator.

  2. If the token is enabled, unlocked, and not expired, click Synchronize my token, then try to authenticate again. If that doesn't work, contact your administrator.

I lost my token, or my token expired, or my token is disabled or locked.

Contact your administrator.

I want to rename my token. How can I do that?

Go to My Page and click the old name. Enter the new name, then click the checkbox to confirm. Make sure the name is not blank, does not include the  < > " / ; ` % characters, and does not exceed 50 characters.